Monday, 20 December 2010


Bob Conroy: 

'Thinking about it, we all could of just turned around and walked calmly past the secuirity geeza actin' the fools, but no....we HAD to slide down the lampost. Joy.'

Warning dodge signs on escape root lamposts.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sneakcity welcomes you

Chase & Status 'Blind Faith' feat. Liam Bailey Official Video CENSORED V...

For one night only... Sneak & Noo go back to the 90's

Walkden Graffiti

Church Tower

Great Northern AMC Rooftop, Manchester, July 09

Visited by Sneak & Moorsy

Looked at this before but didnt think it could be done, went back and had a go. Turns out I can get through really really stupid gaps.

The rest is history. Hahaha, Good roof this, dropped my camera like an idiot due to attempting to get a shot of myself, using a hand rail as a substitute for a tripod. Got into position, 10sec delay, 9 seconds go by, big wind, camera falls off. Its ok though, these fuji's can take a bleedin beatin'!

Moorsy's shot!